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24th-Jul-2008 04:42 pm - tim burton in wonderland?!
tim burton is making his own version of alice in wonderland?!?

only one of my favorite directors and my favorite books evar!


in other news, i need a new wardrobe.
love is watching someone die
so here's the deal.

i was supposed to leave for new york last saturday for my summer courses on literature and on education, but then mama (my lola) took a turn for the worse and so i had to postpone it.

monday morning, i left for new york. i fixed my NYU stuff, i checked out my dorm, i opened a bank account, i was about to get a local mobile phone, and i was able to hang out with some friends.

wednesday night, i got a call from my mom that mama is in critical condition, she couldn't recognize family anymore, and i have to go home right away. like in 12 hours. i rushed to be able to get a refund from NYU, and to entrust whatever else i need to fix to my dad.

thursday morning (ny time), i got on a plane back home, and friday night (manila time), i arrived.

my immune system's shot, and my heart is aching in the non-medical way.

we all hurt in our own ways, i guess.
26th-May-2008 10:47 pm - state of the liver address
so, my liver's failing me.

it started this wednesday, a couple of days after i got back, in chili's with my girlfriends drinking bottomless strawberry margaritas to catch up. i only downed 3 mugs, and i stopped cos i was already getting woozy and certain working people need to go to the office the next day (hahaha).

i woke up thursday morning with a hangover like no other. projectile puking, anyone? hahaha. i tried to eat corned beef pandesal to try to absorb the alcohol in my system, but it was too late, and it wasn't pretty. (trust me. never eat corned beef when nauseous) so i wasn't able to eat the whole day, nor drink (cos apparently, my stomach couldn't stomach even WATER!) by 11pm i was already giving up on my life when the ER doctor (who actually looks like george clooney -- according to pammy) suddenly appeared in my room, armed with an IV to keep me dehydrated and alive through the night. then he asked to get a liver function test just to be on the safe side.

the next day around noon, i was finally off the IV, but still couldn't eat. the liver function test showed that my sgpt (some sorta liver enzyme) was 270+. the normal range is up to 30!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE?! so they took blood from me again to test it.

that night, the test came back, and my liver enzymes shot up to 750++. that's like 25x higher than normal!!! hahaha my liver's dyiiiing. my tita ultrasounded me (is that a word?!), and my liver is FATTY. well, i guess, ok lang na fatty dun, at least natatago. hahaha. but there. i can't drink alcohol at all. the good news is there weren't any lesions or whatever, so that means i don't have cirrhosis nor hepatitis.

they don't know what's wrong with me yet, so i have an appointment with some liver doctor tomorrow. i don't really get it. I DON'T DRINK THAT MUCH. maybe it's from drinking too much antibiotics? that's what i get from being a sickly girl. take medicine for one organ, destroy another. so i *did* binge drink while on antibiotics, but i don't know if that can seriously damage your liver that much. it's crazy.

imagine being in boracay for 3 days and not being able to drink. i had to use up all my will power to just drink coke light while everyone else was enjoying nigi's happy hour. :( :(

so i pray that everyone's liver is GREEAAAAT and will continue to be great for at least the rest of our young lives. i've never appreciated my liver until now. it is an awesome chunk of internal organ that we take for granted!!! let's love it forever! take liveraide! or whatever! just preserve it while you still have it!!!

in the meantime, no alcohol for me. until i find out what's wrong, and then hopefully they can cure it. the liver regenerates, anyway, so LET'S GO LIVER REGENERATE NOW!!!
26th-May-2008 10:25 pm - haaaaappy!

yun lang!

happy happy happy!

hahahaha! :D
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